An Autobiography of George Washington

An Autobiography of George Washington

This book, with a Foreword by best-selling author Caroline Myss, is a fascinating example of channeled literature, adding a very human personality to the stiff figure of George Washington often seen in his portraits.
Here, we encounter a three-dimensional Washington, replete with his loves, fears, philosophy, and repeated encounters with the spirit world. This is an unforgettable and intimate view of the Founding Father of America, as told to Edith Ellis.

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5 Responses to “An Autobiography of George Washington”

  1. Donna S. Erskine Says:

    Review by Donna S. Erskine for An Autobiography of George Washington
    I found this book to be really amazing and carefully researched. The authenticity is really incredible. It turned George Washington from a wooden stick figure, into the really amazing person he was. I know some people will question the authencity of the material. But, to me, the wealth of detail, emotions, make it an unquestionably good read.

  2. Fast Forward Says:

    Review by Fast Forward for An Autobiography of George Washington
    This book was written several decades ago, but there was a small readership in those days for information channeled from the Other Side. Thanks to an ever-growing acceptance of this type of writing, we are able to gain access to valuable information.

    Here is the story of George Washington’s life, told by the man himself from the Other Side. I was fascinated from start to finish. Perhaps there are those who would argue that this was not channeled, but that instead, Edith Ellis concocted the whole story. This seems implausible, given the wealth of detail and feeling that comes across. Of course, it is up to the reader to decide.

    I had Amazon send this book to my mother, and after she read it, she sent it to me. There was something strange in the ending of the book, and on closer inspection, I found that the last 2 chapters were missing, and the void was filled with a repeated section of pages from earlier in the book. I asked Amazon to replace it, and I also asked them to send me a copy as well.

    My copy had all the correct pages–but apparently Amazon sent my mother another defective copy; the important last 2 chapters are once again missing, thus cutting out Mr. Washington’s presidency and his death.

    Of the three copies I requested, two were defective. I was surprised that Amazon did not take the trouble to see how many of these defective books they have in stock; they replaced a defective book with just another defective book. I wonder if they have notified the Hay House Publishing Company of this.

    Amazon’s service is usually outstanding, but until they work this glitch out, save yourself a hassle and order it directly from Hay House Publishers.

  3. David T. Lang Says:

    Review by David T. Lang for An Autobiography of George Washington
    Yes, this book is channeled literature. However, if you have an open mind and can get past the messenger, you’ll find the message is both entertaining and enlightening. Personally, I find the realistic detail of this book to be very refreshing. It seems we all too often look upon George Washington as a hero and leader without par and forget to actually get to know the man. In this book you’ll get to know the man and Mason that was the father of our country.

  4. P. Hines Says:

    Review by P. Hines for An Autobiography of George Washington
    Without a doubt one of the best books published. You will have no doubt this great nation was founded with God’s guidance. Great read!

  5. D. Tierney Says:

    Review by D. Tierney for An Autobiography of George Washington
    This book provides a really good perspective on the times and life of George Washington. It is a good read, even if you do not believe in the ability for those departed to contact us in this life.

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