From Poverty to Power

Man’s search for happiness seems sometimes to be unending, and yet one that we know is achievable. There are so many people in the world that become both happy and prosperous, and yet so many others who live lives of abject misery.
All too often the search for happiness is centred on money and looses the true focus of prosperity. We seek gratification, thinking that we will find happiness, but all we really find is a distraction from our inner misery.
It is often said that money does not buy happiness and this is true, but neither does poverty. The real aim is for prosperity, which ultimately comes from within.
It is not possible to find the inner happiness in the outer world, just as prosperity cannot be found in a bank account; both are the product of a joyous heart, a soul filled with love of life and love of self. The search for money is unnecessary when you find the emotional prosperity within, for the outer world is but a reflection of the inner world, the thoughts, loves and fears that drive us.
In this book, James Allen leads us through the winding pathways of the soul to prosperity and power – not the power to subjugate others, but the power to liberate yourself and release the wealth of the limitless potential within.

Part I: The path of prosperity
The lesson of evil
The world a reflex of mental states
The way out of undesirable conditions
The silent power of thought: controlling and directing one’s forces
The secret of health, success and power
The secret of abounding happiness
The realization of prosperity
Part II: The way of peace
The power of meditation
The two masters, self and truth
The acquirement of spiritual power
The realization of selfless love
Entering into the infinite
Saints, sages, and saviours: the law of service
The realization of perfect peace

When we look for happiness in the outer world, at best we find distraction and a temporary rest bite from the inner pain. True happiness cannot be found in the situations of life or the events we encounter, but instead in the thoughts we hold and the inner love we feel for all things. Only with love, gentleness, good-will and purity, breathed upon the soul in harmony with the Eternal Law, can they become actualized in the form of health, peaceful surroundings, and undeviating success and good fortune. Release the power within you to find your own destiny.

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