Light on Life’s Difficulties

Illuminating The Path to Prosperity

When you enter a dark room, even one you know well, you are suddenly unsure of your movements, you cannot see objects around you or properly locate them, and you are liable to hurt yourself by coming into sudden contact with them. However, switch on the light and immediately all confusion disappears, every object can be seen, and the danger of being hurt vanishes. For the majority of people, life is like a dark room, and their frequent hurts—their disappointments, perplexities, sorrows and pains—are caused by sudden contact with principles which they do not see, and are therefore not prepared to deal with. But when the light of wisdom is introduced into the darkened understanding, confusion vanishes, difficulties are dissolved, all things are seen in their true place and proportion, and henceforth you walk open-eyed and unhurt, in the clear light of wise comprehension.


    The Light That Leads to Perfect Peace
    Light on Facts and Hypotheses
    Light on the Law of Cause and Effect in Human Life
    Light on Values— Spiritual and Material
    Light on the Sense of Proportion
    Light on Adherence to Principle
    Light on the Sacrifice of the Self
    Light on the Management of the Mind
    Light on Self-Control: The Door of Heaven
    Light on Acts and Their Consequences
    Light on the Way of Wisdom
    Light on Disposition
    Light on Individual Liberty
    Light on the Blessing and Dignity of Work
    Light on Good Manners and Refinement
    Light on Diversities of Creeds
    Light on Law and Miracle
    Light on War and Peace
    Light on the Brotherhood of Man
    Light on Life’s Sorrows
    Light on Life’s Changes
    Light on the Truth of Transitoriness
    The Light That Never Goes Out
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In this book James Allen shines a very bright light on the principles and laws that govern the attainment of what ever we are searching for, so that the way is ready lit to follow.

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  1. beginners meditation Says:

    Thank you for introducing James Allen – I hadn’t heard of him till now and sounds like a man with great wisdom. Thanks.

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