Out from the Heart

Out from the Heart by James <a href=Provigil online No prescription Allen” src=”http://www.createspace.com/Img/T343/T27/T31/ThumbnailImage.jpg” title=”Out from the Heart by James Allen” width=”155″ height=”240″ />

Out from the Heart by James Allen


Building the Life of Your Dreams

The ancient writing “As within – so without” was found on a emerald tablet from 3000BC. Emerald was valued even more highly in those days than it is today, so why then would such a simple phrase be inscribed on such a highly valuable precious stone? The answer is very simple, it is the simplest and yet most profound statement of truth, that governs every aspect of life. This simple truth leads us to happiness or sorrow, prosperity or lack. When we learn to govern the content of the heart, then the world around follows, it is an inescapable law. What ever the desire, the solution must come from within.
In this book James Allen leads us through the steps and thoughts necessary to ensure that the destination we seek is the one we arrive at.
Through the content of our thoughts the content of our life is created, nothing can be manifest in the outer world without the inner world being in alignment with it, whether consciously or subconsciously. This book is not going to change your life, it can’t, but it will tell you how you can change your own life. In the formation of new habits of thinking and in daily focus you chose, you life will unfold before you, effortlessly.
However, creating new habits of thought does not happen without a conscious effort and decision to think as you wish to be. Follow the step-by-step guide in this book and your life will never be the same again, you will become that which seek, it can be no other way.
Knowing the truth of this great law is not optional is you deeply desire to change the direction of your life, for without acceptance and exhortation of the truth, no progress can be made and the future is no longer in your control. So embrace this law, follow the steps and build the future as you want it, accepting no second best nor fearing to set the mighty goal.
Rejoice in the truth and lead yourself to the greatness you were born to enjoy.


    The Heart and The Life
    The Nature and Power of Mind
    Formation of Habit
    Doing and Knowing
    First Steps in The Higher Life
    Mental Conditions and Their Effects
    A Note From The Publisher

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