Poems of Peace


Including the Lyrical Dramatic Poem Eolaus

What ever is can only be accepted from a place of peace and tranquillity. Whether we are seeking peace in our lives or peace in the world the journey and the destination are the same, there can be no peace without until there is peace within.
Ghandi famously said “You must be the change you want to see in the world”, and in that phrase, he know that whatever you seek in the world, first be it. If you seek peace be at peace, if you seek harmony, be in harmony.
In these poems James Allen raises the desire in the heart for peace in our lives and through inner peace to promote outer peace. Be the peace you seek in the world and the world will return peace to you ten fold.


    Eolaus A lyrical dramatic poem
    Miscellaneous poems
    If men only understood
    Practice and perception
    Long I sought thee
    To-morrow and to-day
    Star of wisdom
    Would you scale the highest heaven
    To them that seek the highest good
    One thing lacking
    The lowly way
    The music of the sea
    Love’s conquest
    To my daughter Nora on her tenth birthday
    The inward purity
    I take refuge in truth
    I, truth, am thy redeemer
    The white robe
    The righteous man
    Truth triumphant
    O thou who would’st teach!
    If thou would’st right the world
    What of the night?
    The end of evil
    Man divine
    On releasing a captive bird
    Art thou in sorrow?
    When I am pure
    Are you searching?
    A Note From The Publisher

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  1. Beautiful Jewels of Wisdom » Blog Archive » Liberty Says:

    […] A Poem by James Allen, from the book ‘Poems of Peace’ […]

  2. beginners meditation Says:

    “that whatever you seek in the world, first be it. If you seek peace be at peace, if you seek harmony, be in harmony”
    As above so below as within so without… Its the principle of resonance which we are talking about here in order to create one’s own reality.

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