Through the Gates of Good

Christ and Conduct

In Through the Gates of Good, James Allen Order Generic Accutane Online without Prescription leads us to the realisation of the purest and simplest path to the Divine. “Man knows no God except Love manifesting in the human heart and life in the form of stainless thoughts, blameless words, and deeds of gentle pity and forgiveness, and he can only know this God in the measure that he has realized Love in his own heart…”
He shows that the Teachings of Jesus are based entirely on the perfection of conduct, and can be summed up in the one word Goodness. Through the practices and thinking process outlined within, you will be shown the true path to Divine love and God.


    The Gate And The Way
    The Law And The Prophets
    The Yoke And The Burden
    The Word And The Doer
    The Vine And The Branches
    Salvation This Day

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