Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth Reviews

Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth

In her previous New York Times bestsellers, including last year’s blockbuster Sacred Contracts, Caroline Myss unveiled the hidden connections between the world’s sacred traditions and our physical and spiritual health. Now for the first time, this groundbreaking author and medical intuitive reveals humankind’s most ancient wellspring of power – an elemental source that is often missing from our modern lives – yet is fundamental to our spiritual evolution.

On Your Primal Nature, Myss explores the life energy of the earth and our instinctual need to connect with it. Myss brings us face to face with our pagan roots, and explores why our spirits long for the wild, sensual energy that only nature can provide. Without the cooperation of nature and its energy, she says, we can never integrate our instincts with our higher spiritual functions, such as intuition. Available only on audio, this all-new session explores:

• Ancient earth “power points” and why we are attracted to them
• Why we are all fundamentally “pagan,” and the true meaning of this misunderstood word
• How the first chakra holds the key to connecting with nature, and much more

Recorded live as it happened deep in the Amazon rain forest, and including a guided visualization for connecting with the energy of the earth, Your Primal Nature is a welcome guide for harmonizing our spiritual lives with the awesome forces of the natural world.

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5 Responses to “Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth Reviews”

  1. Janet Boyer Says:

    Review by Janet Boyer for Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth
    “There is something inherently natural about being sensual, sexual, and erotically free-that originates within this core of the First Chakra primal pagan point in your nature.” – Caroline Myss

    Recorded live in the Amazon rainforest, Your Primal Nature – Connecting with the Power of the Earth is a single CD addressing the primal need for nature, symptoms of a neglected pagan point, the attraction of power points, channeling Guidance, and the connection between the First Chakra and intuition.

    According to medical intuitive Caroline Myss, the cravings for nature or power points is actually a craving for connection to the pagan self. Power points-places where ley lines culminate into magnetically charged vortices of energy-satisfy our myth-starved psyches. What resonates as a power point for one person may not for another. In fact, we can establish our own “power points” for grounding. Rocks, plants, crystals, aromatherapy, and so on all enhance the “pagan point” of a home, aiding in grounding.

    With a run-time of 77:43, Your Primal Nature also covers the enchanted history of Findhorn including how one of the founders channeled Jesus, communicated with nature spirits, and created an amazing garden that yielded unusually large vegetables as a testament to the existence of these spirits. Myss maintains, “Channeling is the process of receiving knowledge other than ordinary knowledge and bringing it through your system and incarnating it into your life”. In fact, she said there’s something wrong if you’re NOT a channel. The ability to resonate and bring forth voices from nature spirits and elemental forces-to talk to trees and “hear” their wisdom-is actually the NORMAL state for humans, she asserts.

    Myss also differentiates between intuition and instinct, teaching that the latter is all about survival. Yet, without a grounded First Chakra-one of the survival chakras-an individual cannot appropriate and use high voltage power like intuition. She asks, “What happens if you start to invite archetypal patterns, invite the unconscious to reveal itself, but you have absolutely no way of releasing that energy in physical form?” If our “low voltage wiring” (instinct/First Chakra) isn’t connected, then we cannot protect ourselves during the process of creation. Congruence, Myss explains, occurs when intuition and instinct “speak” to one another-where we act on hunches and Guidance and do whatever it takes in the natural world to bring it into existence.

    The last 17 minutes of Your Primal Nature is an excellent guided meditation for grounding accompanied by the insistent beating of drums.

    Modern society is the most ungrounded it’s ever been and this results in a type of spiritual crisis-an organic “madness” and intuitive disconnect. Your Primal Nature provides essential information for grounding and accessing our primal, natural pagan points-both within and without. I especially loved the guided meditation. I’m quite an “airy” person, exhibiting much of the symptoms that Myss explains (such as the Wanderer). After I listened to her guided meditation, visualizing the grounding copper wire snaking from my tailbone to the hot center of the earth-I became instantly grounded. It was really quite amazing how it snapped me right back into my body.

    If you’re the type of person who’s “stuck in the head” or exhibits over-dependence on either the Child or Wanderer archetype, Your Primal Nature is an excellent teaching for cultivating your pagan point and balancing your First Chakra.

    Janet Boyer, author of The Back in Time Tarot Book: Picture the Past, Experience the Cards, Understand the Present (coming Fall 2008 from Hampton Roads Publishing)

  2. A. Beagley Says:

    Review by A. Beagley for Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth
    This is a great CD, and I have found it to be excellent for helping to ground myself and for keeping myself strongly connected to the energy within the earth. Caroline mainly focusses on our Root (First/Base) Chakra – your Pagan Power Point . It has a helpful meditation at the end, and I think that fans of Caroline Myss will not be disappointed.
    A nice addition to my Myss CD Collection.

  3. Darrin W. Owens Says:

    Review by Darrin W. Owens for Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth
    I love this CD. Caroline Myss is and will always be a leading voice in consciousness. This CD just adds to her great reputation as a teacher.Caroline takes you on a journey into the “Earth Energy” of our selves. It’s amazing how we are cut of “spiritualy” from the earth…..This CD is a one way ticket to “Connnecting” to the earth and becoming more grounded within ourselves.

  4. Pioneer Spirit Says:

    Review by Pioneer Spirit for Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth
    What a wonderful surprise when I listened to this CD.

    Very educational and profound as she leads you into meditation.

    I highly recommend this to all who want to connect and ground with Mother Earth..I truly felt like I was there in the Amazon with Caroline with all those beautiful LIVE sounds and her guided visualization.Quite the ultimate experience!Mainly functioning on the root chakra.No frills,very realistic.

    If I could rate it 10 Than I would…Well i will anyway.


    Don’t pass this opportunity by,try it you will love it.

  5. Diana J. Larson Says:

    Review by Diana J. Larson for Your Primal Nature: Connecting with the Power of the Earth
    I have a number of CDs by Cerolyn Myss which I have found benefical, however fo me, i found this tape to be more of a review of some of her other CDs, so for me there was really nothing new. If you do not own a Carolyn Myss CD then I think you would find this interesting and insightful, but if you have one or two CDs, I would pass on this one.

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