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The Divine Companion

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Taking You through Life in Truth

Life is by its nature a journey with many twists and turns—a voyage of discovery, with few road signs and many hidden bends. In The Divine Companion is your guide in life, a council you can call on to steer you on your chosen path, leading you back to the thinking that bring clarity of thought and a view of Truth. In these pages you will find the wisdom of the life of James Allen, written bit by bit over his entire literary career, the insights and understanding are there whenever you need them.



Part I: The Divine Companion

    Truth as Awakener
    Truth as Consoler
    Truth as Redeemer
    Truth as Reconciler
    Truth as Protector

Part II: The Divine Dialogue

    Of Seeking and Finding
    Of Entering the Way
    Of Discipline and Purification
    Of Renunciation
    Of Purity of Heart
    Of Righteousness
    Of Knowledge of the Law

Part III: The Divine Messages

    The First Prophecy, called the Awakening
    The Second Prophecy, called the Messiah
    The Third prophecy, called the All – One
    The Fourth Prophecy, called Unrest
    The Fifth Prophecy, called Transition
    The Sixth Prophecy, called Peace
    The First Exhortation, concerning Purity
    The Second Exhortation, concerning Humility
    The Third Exhortation, concerning Love
    Instruction, concerning the Master
    Instruction, concerning the Law
    Instruction, concerning The Great Reality
    Discourse Concerning The Way of Truth
    1. Self – Restraint
    2. Self – Examination
    3. Self – Surrender

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Friday, February 19th, 2010

A Poem by James Allen, from the book
‘Poems of Peace’

The unwise say, ” Our sufferings are unjust,
Our pains and woes rise from the scattered dust
Of sinful ancestors; we are not free;
Our fathers robbed us of our liberty
By what they did; and we are weak and frail
Because they erred; they fell, and we must fail.

“Our drunkenness comes from their love of wine;
Our lusts their revels made; and we divine
Our manifold diseases by the ways
In which they walked; and as they trod the maze
Made by their feet, so we must likewise tread,
For we are bound and driven by the dead.”

Thy sins are thine, O man! and from thy deeds
Thy life, with all its weal and woe, proceeds;
By self, and not by others, thou art bound;
In thine own will and heart the root is found
Of all thy lack of peace; open thou thine eyes,
Leave the dead past, and look within; be wise.

Make pure thy heart, and thou wilt make thy life
Rich, sweet, and beautiful, unmarred by strife;
Guard well thy mind, and, noble, strong, and free,
Nothing shall harm, disturb or conquer thee;
For all thy foes are in thy heart and mind;
There also thy salvation thou wilt find.

Mind is the Master-power that moulds and makes.
And Man is Mind and evermore he takes
The Tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:—
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass;
Environment is but his looking-glass.

In his own heart he fosters dark desires,
Or strives for good, or loftily aspires;
In his own life he reaps what he has sown,
Or pain or peace, he garners in his own.
Thou man, that bowest to heredity,
Know this—the Law of life is Liberty,

By Thought we rise; by Thought we fall; by Thought
We stand or go: all destiny is wrought
By its swift potency; and he who stands
Master of Thought, and his desires commands,
Willing and weaving thoughts of Love and Might,
Shapes his high end in Truth’s unerring Light.

If you enjoyed this poem, read about the book ‘Poems of Peace’

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Poems of Peace

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Including the Lyrical Dramatic Poem Eolaus

What ever is can only be accepted from a place of peace and tranquillity. Whether we are seeking peace in our lives or peace in the world the journey and the destination are the same, there can be no peace without until there is peace within.
Ghandi famously said “You must be the change you want to see in the world”, and in that phrase, he know that whatever you seek in the world, first be it. If you seek peace be at peace, if you seek harmony, be in harmony.
In these poems James Allen raises the desire in the heart for peace in our lives and through inner peace to promote outer peace. Be the peace you seek in the world and the world will return peace to you ten fold.


    Eolaus A lyrical dramatic poem
    Miscellaneous poems
    If men only understood
    Practice and perception
    Long I sought thee
    To-morrow and to-day
    Star of wisdom
    Would you scale the highest heaven
    To them that seek the highest good
    One thing lacking
    The lowly way
    The music of the sea
    Love’s conquest
    To my daughter Nora on her tenth birthday
    The inward purity
    I take refuge in truth
    I, truth, am thy redeemer
    The white robe
    The righteous man
    Truth triumphant
    O thou who would’st teach!
    If thou would’st right the world
    What of the night?
    The end of evil
    Man divine
    On releasing a captive bird
    Art thou in sorrow?
    When I am pure
    Are you searching?
    A Note From The Publisher

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Out from the Heart

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Out from the Heart by James <a href=Provigil online No prescription Allen” src=”” title=”Out from the Heart by James Allen” width=”155″ height=”240″ />

Out from the Heart by James Allen

Building the Life of Your Dreams

The ancient writing “As within – so without” was found on a emerald tablet from 3000BC. Emerald was valued even more highly in those days than it is today, so why then would such a simple phrase be inscribed on such a highly valuable precious stone? The answer is very simple, it is the simplest and yet most profound statement of truth, that governs every aspect of life. This simple truth leads us to happiness or sorrow, prosperity or lack. When we learn to govern the content of the heart, then the world around follows, it is an inescapable law. What ever the desire, the solution must come from within.
In this book James Allen leads us through the steps and thoughts necessary to ensure that the destination we seek is the one we arrive at.
Through the content of our thoughts the content of our life is created, nothing can be manifest in the outer world without the inner world being in alignment with it, whether consciously or subconsciously. This book is not going to change your life, it can’t, but it will tell you how you can change your own life. In the formation of new habits of thinking and in daily focus you chose, you life will unfold before you, effortlessly.
However, creating new habits of thought does not happen without a conscious effort and decision to think as you wish to be. Follow the step-by-step guide in this book and your life will never be the same again, you will become that which seek, it can be no other way.
Knowing the truth of this great law is not optional is you deeply desire to change the direction of your life, for without acceptance and exhortation of the truth, no progress can be made and the future is no longer in your control. So embrace this law, follow the steps and build the future as you want it, accepting no second best nor fearing to set the mighty goal.
Rejoice in the truth and lead yourself to the greatness you were born to enjoy.


    The Heart and The Life
    The Nature and Power of Mind
    Formation of Habit
    Doing and Knowing
    First Steps in The Higher Life
    Mental Conditions and Their Effects
    A Note From The Publisher

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Man: King of Mind, Body and Circumstance

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Mastering the Laws of Happiness, Inner Power and Prosperity

One of the biggest problems in life consists in learning how to live. After all we do not come with an owners manual or much in the way of professional training. If we learn to master the laws that govern life and prosperity, then life is easy and joyous, but if we never find the way, then life is hard and a perpetual struggle. It is like the problem of addition or subtraction for a child. When they master the techniques, all difficulty disappears, and the problem has vanished. All the problems of life, whether they be social, political, or religious, are only problems because of ignorance and wrong-living. As they are solved in the heart of each individual, they will be solved in the mass of humanity. As a race, we are at present is in the painful stage of “learning”. We are confronted with the difficulties of our own ignorance. But as we learn to live rightly, learn to direct our efforts and use our functions and faculties by the light of wisdom, the sum of life will be correctly done, and its mastery will put an end to all the “problems of evil.” To the wise, all such problems have ceased. Now it is your turn to mast the laws that govern the results we get and release your inner power and become King of your mind, body and circumstance.


    The inner world of thoughts
    The outer world of things
    Habit: its slavery and its freedom
    Bodily conditions
    Man’s spiritual dominion
    Conquest: not resignation
    A Note From The Publisher

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