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Quest: Energy, Power and Spirit (Simon & Schuster AUDIO)

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Quest: Energy, Power and Spirit (Simon & Schuster AUDIO)

Based on the award-winning motivational program seen on PBS, Quest Volume 3: Energy, Power and Spirit is a one-of-a-kind audio program in which seven of the world’s most prominent and respected thinkers and authors provide new perspectives to help you make the most of your spiritual and physical power.

From taking control of your life to revitalizing and empowering your spirit, these great minds impart practical yet profound wisdom straight to your heart and soul. You learn how to:

  • Free the flow of energy in the body’s major centers of power
  • Take control of Buy Accutane your life and Timeshift into an expansionof “now”
  • Take the simple abundance journey and embrace gratitude and simplicity
  • Enrich your soul with what it cherishes most

The next step on your journey of self-discovery, Quest Volume 3: Energy, Power and Spirit will help you to learn the keys to living an empowered life, overflowing with richness.

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List Price: $ 12.00

Price: $ 29.95

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Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything Reviews

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Buy cheap online Provigil rel=”nofollow”>Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything

Spiritual awakenings, whether quiet and subtle or dramatic and breathtaking, are deeply personal events. More than half of us have undergone a spiritual transformation, each unique and life-changing. We may only have a moment or two to act or we may have a few months to sort things out. We may curse the gods or sink to our knees in gratitude. Th e circumstances vary but two things are certain. One, our life is about to change. And two, it’s a day we will not soon forget.

Sixty Seconds is an uplifting collection of intimate, heartfelt stories from prominent people who graciously share their personal experiences with the profound. Their moving, life-altering interviews powerfully illustrate that sacred moments of illumination and insight are available to us all.

Rating: (out of 31 reviews)

List Price: $ 18.95

Price: $ 0.01

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Healing Cards Prepack Reviews

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Healing Cards Prepack

This 50-card deck and accompanying booklet by Caroline Myss, the bestselling author of Anatomy of the Spirit, and Peter Occhiogrosso, popular expert on world religions and author of The Joy of Sects, will help you create a daily practice that not only heals existing ailments, but also maintains spiritual balance Cheap Accutane in your life. Each card presents healing wisdom drawn from the world’s great spiritual traditions, and then offers an application of that knowledge for everyday living. Healing Cards offer both inspiration and a course of action, and . . . a card a day keeps the doctor away!

Rating: (out of 11 reviews)

List Price: $ 95.70

Price: $ 69.86

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Energy Medicine: Subtle Energies, Consciousness and the New Science of Healing

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Energy Medicine: Subtle Energies, Consciousness and the New Science of Healing

Energy Medicine

Hear the Experts on Energetic Healing –
Is the human body merely a complex biological machine, or is our health sustained by “subtle energies” that can be guided for healing? These are the questions posed by the field of energy medicine. Since 1990, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) has hosted the world’s most eminent scholars and practitioners within this revolutionary new medical field. From the effects of bioelectromagnetic energy on the body to the healing effects of prayer to subtle energy practices of other cultures, Energy Medicine gathers the best of these celebrated conferences for the first time ever. These cutting-edge presentations include: 1)Consciousness, Energy, and Healing – Larry Dossey,M.D. 2)Spirituality and Ritual in Healing – Jeanne Achterberg,Ph.D. 3)Exploring Our Fears of the Paranormal – Charles Tart,Ph.D. 4)Unexplainable Phenomena and Medical Practice – John Upledger,D.O. 5)Healing the Roots of Global Malaise – Peter Russell,M.A.,D.C.S. 6)Subtle Information in Healing –Beverly Buy cheap Accutane Online Rubik,Ph.D. 7)Observations of Meditators and Healers: The Copper Wall Experiments – Elmer Green, Ph.D. 8)The Body Electric – Robert O. Becker,M.D. 9)Understanding Medical Intuition – Caroline Myss 10)Developing Intuitive Science – Willis Harman,Ph.D.

Energy Medicine is the only collection that brings together these pioneering researchers and scientists into one information-packed resource.Learn more about:•The fascinating science of bio-electromagnetics •How medical intuitives diagnose illness – from miles away •Scientific proof of the healing power of prayer •The symbols indigenous peoples use to heal – and why they work •The unseen power of the healer’s subtle energies •”Deep mind”: where the light of consciousness illuminates the divine
•Why scientists are exploring the Tibetan Buddhist mystery school•The role of science in evaluating consciousness – and vice versa• Can a mystic also be a scientist?•How energy medicine pioneers measure the unmeasurable•Over 9 hours of challenging information.

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 59.95

Price: $ 33.75

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The Call To Live A Symbolic Life Reviews

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Buy cheap Cialis Online rel=”nofollow”>The Call To Live A Symbolic Life

Join Caroline as she tells about her personal journey toward consciousness and how significant events have impacted her life. Then explore “Archetypes”—universal patterns of consciousness that influence our psychological spiritual development. Find out how archetypal patterns are the link toward considering the possibility that we all have a “Sacred Contract.”

Caroline then explores your connection to the seven levels of power. Each level is not only aligned to a physical system within the body, but also related to external and internal issues that are part of our lives.

From a spiritual perspective, Caroline covers how intuitive sight is related to the capacity to view all events symbolically; the difference between the language of the body and the language of the spirit; how to connect to the energetic information attached to physical events; how your spirit is woven into the events and relationships of your life…and much, much more!

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 23.95

Price: $ 19.89

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