Power Talk! – Your Belief Systems Reviews

Power Talk! – Your Belief Systems

In this CD issue, Robbins reveals how your beliefs have the power to create and destroy. Also included are an interview with Paul Zane Pilzer on the power of economic alchemy and a summary of The Age of Propaganda by ANthony Pratkanis and Elliott Aronson.

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Just Tony

(1922)Fox – Tom Mix, Tony, Claire Adams, Duke Lee, J. P. Lockney, Frank Campeau, Walt Robbins. We decided to make the move into silent B westerns after seeing this film at the Lone Pine Film Festival last Fall. This is a delightful film that aptly displays the amiable western charm that made Mix the biggest western star of his era. Tom plays a roving cowboy who seeks revenge against the man who shot him in a saloon brawl. During his searches through the region, he comes to know and admire a dazzling wild stallion named Tony, whom he wants to capture and break. He also unknowingly comes to know and fall in love with the daughter of the man who shot him! One great scene involves Tom rescuing Tony from a whipping by a merciless ranch hand. A great title to start a silent B western collection with. Highly recommended. Music score, 16mm.

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  1. Barbara (Burkowsky) Underwood Says:

    Review by Barbara (Burkowsky) Underwood for Just Tony
    The name of one of early cinema’s greatest Western stars, Tom Mix, led me to buy this DVD because although he starred in around 300 silent films, and wrote, directed and produced another 50 to 100 films, he is seldom seen these days. Not only was he a huge name in films alongside other legendary Western stars like William S. Hart, Mix also made his mark as a true cowboy in Wild West shows, performing his riding and shooting skills on and off screen. But as soon as “Just Tony” began, I barely even noticed the famous Tom Mix because his horse completely steals the show! This 1922 silent film is the first of 30 other films which stars this astonishing animal actor called Tony, and now I know why he was labelled “the Wonder Horse”. All the exciting action scenes performed by Tony look very realistic and natural, especially a rather shocking and disturbing scene in which Tony, playing a wild horse, tramples to death the man who treated him cruelly. Tom Mix plays the good-hearted man who loves Tony’s wild spirit and sets out to win him over with love and respect instead, and at the same time, of course, win the heart of a certain girl who turns out to be the daughter of the man he has been seeking to exact revenge for a bar shooting. What might be a good story with some depth and interesting plot is given superficial treatment to the point that there seem to be gaps and big leaps in the storyline. This is not helped by intertitles which are a strain to read because the light and dark contrasts are quite faded in places and the writing almost disappears into the background. They are still legible, however, and the overall picture quality, apart from general fading, is still good and quite clear without any scratches, snowflakes or other signs of deterioration. This print appears to be from the Paul Killiam collection and has an old-sounding orchestral musical score which more or less suits the action in the film. The few negative aspects of this film can be overlooked because Tony the Wonder Horse is such a captivating star in his own right, and a few stunts and scenes together with Tom Mix also stand out as raw and authentic Western action rarely seen in modern films. No doubt Tony was an animal star on the same level as Rin Tin Tin who also amazed and impressed audiences in the 1920s, but this film is all about what its title says: `Just Tony’.

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