The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: Living with Purpose and Passion

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A postscript to this edition includes a touching letter that Berg’s young daughter wrote about her father for the Books for a Better Life Awards ceremony.

On December 26, 1983, Art Berg was traveling to see his fiancée when his car went off the road. A broken neck left him a quadriplegic. Doctors told Berg he would never walk, hold a job, or have children. But they could not have been more wrong. Berg was determined to prevail, and would one day wear his own Super Bowl ring.

In The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer, Berg recounts his harrowing and inspirational story while imparting larger lessons about life, fear, and passion. Never giving up, Art resolved to embrace life even more fully, and established a thriving career as a motivational speaker, giving more than 150 speeches each year.

Tragically, Art Berg died in February 2002, but his inspiring story — a singular vision of passion and conviction — lives on in The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer. Review
In the preface, Art Berg (Finding Peace in Troubled Waters, Some Miracles Take Time) says he’s going to tell us a story, and that we might find that story a tragedy. And while his story of a flipped car and permanent paralysis will inspire sympathy, Berg is so plainspoken and wryly positive, chances are that it will only take readers a couple of chapters before that sympathy becomes a desire for personal growth.

Berg’s folksy suggestions include treating a bad day like a cold virus: “you can make all kinds of moaning sounds. But the reality is, it usually will last for 24 to 48 hours.” He also recommends that we not ask why bad things happen, because there is never a reasonable answer and the process leads all too easily to what he calls “why-ning.”

These notions may seem like oversimplification, but his little snippets of wisdom are surrounded by stories of the types of obstacles most of us never encounter, like dealing with doctors who said he’d never move independently again, flight attendants treating him differently because of his wheelchair, an inability to make a simple “thumbs up” sign to his daughter, and relearning how to accomplish simple daily tasks.

With moving examples like these as the basis for his philosophy, Berg smoothly ties the events of his life together with appealingly simple ideas to help you focus on your true desires and strengths. –Jill Lightner

The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: Living with Purpose and Passion

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5 Responses to “The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: Living with Purpose and Passion”

  1. Michael Karpovich Says:

    I saw this title and had to have this book. It is brilliant! A story that will both warm your heart and inspire your soul. I am going to buy a copy for all of my friends and family. Art Berg has the ability to see the possible when everything seems to be stacked against you! GET THIS BOOK — IT WILL CHANGE HOW YOU LOOK AT EVERYTHING! At age 39 Art unexpectantly died — the same month this book was released, leaving his young family — this book is a powerful legacy to his three children and all of us!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. G. E. Kugler Says:

    I am amazed that this guy could do what he did. He is an inspiration to all of us who think we have it bad. A quadraplegic who became a leading motivational speaker and traveled the country by himself. A guy who bounced back and teaches us that no challenge is too great. What a story. Every kid in America should have to read this and learn the lessons this guy teaches. The only tragedy is his early death last year. At least he gave us his lessons! Outstanding read!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Ilaxi S. Patel Says:

    When I read this book, I was so overwhelmed with the courage and determination of Art Berg and tried to search more for his video/audio tapes on his motivational speeches… Art Berg lived in Utah with his wife and two kids.

    The Impossible just takes a little longer imparts lessons about life, fear and passion. Berg recounts his harrowing and inspirational life’s real story how he encountered trials in life. Frozen with fear and frustration! Art Berg met with an accident while he was on his way to see his fiancée. His car skid the road and he broke his neck leaving him a quadriplegic. Doctors imposed limitations of life on Berg that he could not walk, be confined to a electric wheelchair without holding a job and can never have kids. Berg had his will power and determination to fight against all odds, set out in his hand powered wheel chair to be Motivational speaker round the world giving more than 150 speeches each year. An Award winner Hall of Fame Art Berg through his own inspirational journey back to a mobile, satisfying goal to help and heal the beaten and broken up hearts. Success did not come to Berg without deep struggles as he faced discouragement, anger, frustration and sometimes overwhelmed uncertainty in life. As he faced a physical paralysis, he realized that thousands of people are emotionally paralyzed feeling beaten, lost by fate, unfulfilled ambitions and got paralyzed with life’s situations. Art has inspired and motivated people with lessons to those who are frozen and gripped with fear and frustration. He said `Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad life’ and believed that it takes time to make Miracles happen! Adversity does not lead from our ambitions but bring closer to them, said Art. Among his other books `Finding peace in troubled waters’ and `Some Miracles take time’, both of them are motivational picks. Art Berg had unconquerable spirit and his love for life itself will be a source of inspiration to many a souls!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. K. Johnson Says:

    I originally got this book at the public library, but liked it so much that I decided to purchase it. Art Berg’s story is pretty incredible; even though he had a good life, it seems as though he didn’t find real happiness until an accident caused him to become paralyzed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Catz Reader Says:

    I found this book to be a great collection of usable practices to overcome difficulties. Art didn’t whine or complain about his own situation. I think this book is one that can be used as reference-type of book where you will use it again and again to re-build your confidence and faith.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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