Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is

Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is

The now–this moment–is the true source of happiness and peace and the key to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Embracing the Now by Gina Lake is a collection of short essays about the now that can serve as daily reminders of the deepest truths. Full of clear insight and wisdom, it explains how the mind keeps us from being in the now, how to move into the now and stay there, and what living from the now is like. It also explains how to overcome stumbling blocks to being in the now, such as fears, doubts, judgments, misunderstandings, distrust of life, desires, and other conditioned ideas that are behind human suffering.

“By becoming aware of what else is showing up in life in this moment besides thoughts, we can begin to really live in this moment and respond to it naturally, uncluttered by our mental commentary. We are in the moment, but without the ego’s influence on it. Spiritual freedom is when the voice of the ego no longer dominates and colors the landscape of life. Rather, this voice is one small aspect of the landscape, one other thing that comes and goes in this landscape. This voice becomes impersonal, something that has no more personal relevance than the bird’s song or the temperature of the room. It’s experienced, but not experienced as “you.” Then it’s possible to experience the Experiencer, the true self that is behind all life and behind our life. This Experiencer is in love with life, and when we let it live us, we are in love with life, and our actions and words express that. Freedom from the ego brings a relaxation into the true self and the possibility of being that in the world instead of the ego.”

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5 Responses to “Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is”

  1. Namaste Says:

    Review by Namaste for Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is
    Gina’s written a powerfully clear book about living from presence (as Eckhart Tolle calls it) or essence as she does. The formidable opponent on such a path is of course ego. But ego is not to be resisted or fought against or repressed or denied. Instead, Gina explains how to accept the ego as it arises while still seeing through its various tricks for pulling one out of presence. She details the various emotions, judgments, fears, denials and mind games that are common tools of the ego in clear and easy-to-understand language. I find Gina’s books to be as helpful as Eckhart’s in the journey to living from presence. With this book in particular, I had an `aha moment’ as Oprah calls them around my emotions. Although I had learned not to give attention to the stories and dramas of my mind, I was still paying untold amount of attention to my emotions. I felt them to be somewhat closer to truth because they seemed so intuitive and natural. I know realize that they are simply thoughts translated into bodily sensations and deserve no more analysis or attention than the mind. Of course, essence uses emotions such as joy or love or peace or acceptance and even sadness to guide us towards fulfilling our life plan with the eventual goal of awakening. It does not, however, use grief, depression, anger, jealousy or other such negative emotions.

    Gina outlines the ego’s mechanisms so clearly that it becomes difficult not to recognize, accept and thus heal them in oneself. All of this is in the service of greater peace, greater joy, and eventual liberation. The messages may be conceptually simple but in an ego and mind-dominated time and society, they are easy to forget. I enjoy reading Gina’s words to remind me of what I know in my own heart to be the shining truth.

  2. Laura J. Katleman-prue Says:

    Review by Laura J. Katleman-prue for Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is
    If you like Byron Katie or Eckhart Tolle, don’t miss this extraordinary book by Gina Lake. It really tells you how to lead an awakened life continueing where those wonderful authors leave off. It gives the hopeful message that we can stop suffering once and for all and tells us that not only is it possible but that’s what we’re all here to do.

    I am blown away by “Embracing the Now.” After reading all of her books and doing many private sessions with Gina, I thought smugly, “What more can she say on the subject that I haven’t already heard?” The answer is: a tremendous amount. This book is filled with innumerable insightful gems that are so easy to apply to ever day life – on trusting life, coping with feelings, loving your work, and finding work you love. The new short essay format made the book very easy to digest because it distilled each topic into bite sized pieces. This book was so incredible that I’m about to reread it to make sure that I haven’t missed anything!

  3. Kathy Dannel Vitcak Says:

    Review by Kathy Dannel Vitcak for Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is
    If there were a way I could just click and put this book in your cart and have it fast on its way to each of you reading this review…I would! It is that important. As many of us, I have devoured Eckhart Tolle’s work and was intrigued and dazzled by its brilliance…but maybe a little intimidated. This book helps us understand Be-ing in the NOW and making it work! I have read it twice in one weekend and am ready to call Gina for a private reading, as this work is just that amazing.

    She digs right to the core of the EGO and helps us understand how it works (and doesn’t work) and how to tame the Ego! I actually gasped at some passages as it was so clear now. It was one huge AHA moment after another as I turned each page.

    Not only does Gina give us the workings of the ego, she also helps us learn how to tame it and lead a life…yes IN THE MOMENT!

    All weekend I have had a big grin on my face and my heart feels ready tio burst with contentment at finding this book.

    Please, click and get it…your life will be enriched…mine certainly ahs been. I thank you, Gina.

  4. R. de Looff Says:

    Review by R. de Looff for Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is
    You want to be happy at all times? You do not want conditions influence your happiness?

    The book of Gina Lake is a clear guide to reach this goal. The book is about letting go of the ego, about letting go of your ideas of what should be, about letting go of your resistance to what is. The solution to real happiness is not to go after the longings of the ego, but the solution is contacting your true self, the pure awareness underneath ego and the mind.

    That pure awareness has an undertone of happiness always whatever the situation arising in the Now is.

    In this book Gina helps the reader to develop this state of unconditional happiness. This can be one of the most important books you have red because it helps you to remain happy whatever the form of the Now moment takes.

    It helps you to realize the vision of books like the Power of the Now of Eckhart Tolle in your daily life, especially when life gets tough from the point of view of the ego.

    The book is easy to read and practical. The language is clear and to the point. And most important of all the book is transformative and gives you the tools to live from the state of awareness rather than from the state of ego. I highly recommend this book. It has given me many tools to recognize the ego better and live in a state of awareness.

  5. Maren Springsteen Says:

    Review by Maren Springsteen for Embracing The Now: Finding Peace And Happiness In What Is
    I highly recommend this book, in fact all of Gina Lake’s books, that I slowly collected over the last several months.

    This gem serves as a very practical tool out of the ego and into living from Essence, on a daily basis, warning of all the pitfalls that can befall the seeker, and leaving said seeker eventually behind by making him/her obsolete.

    Essence is all that remains and false perception is corrected.

    All of Gina’s books retain the high quality she’s known for and never disappoint. I also had a reading with her that was hugely helpful, and it is rare among today’s many spiritual teachers to find one that stays true to her message throughout and doesn’t deviate. Bravo, dear Gina, once again a fabulous book that helps one stay centered in Present Reality!

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