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As A Man Thinketh

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Over the years I have come across so many books on personal growth and understanding. Of all the authors I have come across in my time I James Allen stands out quite distinctly in his style and the fact that his books are so incredibly short, yet provide a detailed and concise view of the way things are.

As a Man Thinketh is one of my favourites, and one that is on the required reading list of many of the top peak performance and success speaker. My first copy of this book was passed to me as a gift, and later I was send a copy by Bob Proctor.

The video entitled “Serenity” is a reading of the last chapter of the book, a key factor in the search for a life of peace and harmony.

I thoroughly recommend that you get a copy of the book for your own book shelf as it is a book that you can pick up time and time again. James Allen himself only wrote the book for his own pleasure and never intended it for publication, but upon reading it, James Allen’s wife Lili insisted that he should publish the book.

Over 100 years later the contents of the book are as relevant today as they were on the day the book was written.

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