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Energy Medicine: Subtle Energies, Consciousness and the New Science of Healing

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Energy Medicine: Subtle Energies, Consciousness and the New Science of Healing

Energy Medicine

Hear the Experts on Energetic Healing –
Is the human body merely a complex biological machine, or is our health sustained by “subtle energies” that can be guided for healing? These are the questions posed by the field of energy medicine. Since 1990, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) has hosted the world’s most eminent scholars and practitioners within this revolutionary new medical field. From the effects of bioelectromagnetic energy on the body to the healing effects of prayer to subtle energy practices of other cultures, Energy Medicine gathers the best of these celebrated conferences for the first time ever. These cutting-edge presentations include: 1)Consciousness, Energy, and Healing – Larry Dossey,M.D. 2)Spirituality and Ritual in Healing – Jeanne Achterberg,Ph.D. 3)Exploring Our Fears of the Paranormal – Charles Tart,Ph.D. 4)Unexplainable Phenomena and Medical Practice – John Upledger,D.O. 5)Healing the Roots of Global Malaise – Peter Russell,M.A.,D.C.S. 6)Subtle Information in Healing –Beverly Buy cheap Accutane Online Rubik,Ph.D. 7)Observations of Meditators and Healers: The Copper Wall Experiments – Elmer Green, Ph.D. 8)The Body Electric – Robert O. Becker,M.D. 9)Understanding Medical Intuition – Caroline Myss 10)Developing Intuitive Science – Willis Harman,Ph.D.

Energy Medicine is the only collection that brings together these pioneering researchers and scientists into one information-packed resource.Learn more about:•The fascinating science of bio-electromagnetics •How medical intuitives diagnose illness – from miles away •Scientific proof of the healing power of prayer •The symbols indigenous peoples use to heal – and why they work •The unseen power of the healer’s subtle energies •”Deep mind”: where the light of consciousness illuminates the divine
•Why scientists are exploring the Tibetan Buddhist mystery school•The role of science in evaluating consciousness – and vice versa• Can a mystic also be a scientist?•How energy medicine pioneers measure the unmeasurable•Over 9 hours of challenging information.

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The Flowering of Human Consciousness (The Power of Teaching Now Series)

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

The Flowering of Human Consciousness (The Power of Teaching Now Series)

  • ISBN13: 9781591791683
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

The bestselling author of The Power of Now reveals specific, powerful insights on how to be present in this very moment. Tolle teaches easy techniques for self-observation, how to stop the endless stream of thoughts that interrupt, and methods for breaking out of object consciousness by tapping into an intelligence that is greater than the personal mind.

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The Shining Gateway

Monday, April 26th, 2010
The Shining Gateway by James Allen

Wisdom From The Prophet of Meditation

In this work we find the Prophet of Meditation in one of his deepest and yet most lucid expositions. How wonderfully he deals with fundamental principles! In this work you will find no vague statement of generalities, for James Allen enters with tender reverence into every detail of human experience. It is as though he came back to The Shining Gate, and, standing there, he reviewed all the way up which his own feet have travelled, passing over no temptation that is common to man; knowing that the obstacles that barred his ascending pathway, or the clouds that at times obscured his vision, are the common experiences of all those who have set their faces towards the heights of Blessed Vision. As we read his words now, he seems to stand and beckon to us, saying, “Come on, my fellow Pilgrims; it is straight ahead to the Shining Gateway; I have blazed the track for you.” In sending forth this, another posthumous volume from his pen, we have no doubt but that it will help many an aspiring soul up to the heights, until at last they too stand within The shining Gateway.

  • Editor’s foreword
  • The Shining Gateway of Meditation
  • Temptation
  • Regeneration
  • Actions and Motives
  • Morality and Religion
  • Memory, Repetition, and Habit
  • Words and Wisdom
  • Truth Made Manifest
  • Spiritual Humility
  • Spiritual Strength
  • A Note From The Publisher

      He who attaineth unto Purity
      The faultless Parthenon of Truth doth use
      Awake! Disperse the dreams of self and sin?
      Behold the Shining Gateway! Enter in!

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Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Product Description
The 2nd edition of this amazing book, by the best selling authors Bob Proctor (teacher of The Secret & Beyond The Secret) and Michele Blood, is destined to become a classic for millions of seekers of Truth and Success Principles. This book covers the basics through to the highest levels of consciousness. 247 pages of mesmerizing information that anyone can understand. People who enjoy this book have created great success in their lives and relationships. Anyone desiring to become free and stop the groundhog day s of unfulfilled, daily repetitions can do so through the tools, ideas, and magic of this book. This book is for the individual who truly wishes to learn how to manifest success and prosperity into their life, beyond the Law of Attraction and who also wish to delve deeper into their Divine Nature and Soul’s journey and purpose. This book will become a classic. It breaks down the often confusing language of eastern philosophies so that anyone wishing to know where they are in consciousness will understand intellectually and will be stunned with how much further they can go. The possibilities are truly unlimited.

Buy cheap online Provigil title=”Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness” rel=”nofollow”>Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness

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Meditations for Every Day in the Year

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Releasing Your Inner Truth—Day by Day

366 Daily Meditations.
To change your life you must change your unconscious thinking, so that your automatic responses to the things that occur in your day-to-day life are positive and productive. But, unconscious thoughts by their nature are not easily controlled or changed without deep shifts in core beliefs and habits.
Out habits of thought are the things that lead us on an on-going basis to vote the same way, to enjoy the same entertainment, to work in the same industry. And, if we want to change any of those things we have to make a concerted effort. If we want to change career to a new industry then there is a period of study, of adjustment, of learning and practising in order to install the new skills and habits needed.
For some the change comes naturally and without effort, for others the change is a struggle, but in both cases skill improves with focused conditioning. A specialist in any profession becomes so through continued practice and training—time spent honing their skill and techniques.
The daily practice of focusing on a single factor, reflecting on a single subject and allowing the truth within to enter through relaxed meditation brings a level of inner peace and awareness that deeply enhances life. To continue this practice for an entire year results in a life changed and enhanced beyond anything ever experienced before.
In this book 366 thoughts have been isolated to allow you to focus on a single subject and to find the inner meaning that will take your life one step forward each day. Over the course of the year your awareness will grow and your joy in the subject will deepen.
Reading these texts each day, I have found that it is profoundly rewarding to simply read the text, slowly, in a quiet place and to then lay the book aside a allow the meaning in the words to permeate my consciousness, re-reading the text as many times as it takes to allow my mind to work through the meaning entirely.
As the days progress your life will become conditioned to think in a different way and your life will shift little-by-little every day, until you find it is completely transformed.

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