Foundation Stones to Happiness And Success

The concept of happiness and success is one that has been written about and talked about since man first began to look for more than he found in the trees and planes around him.
At the heart of all success must be the concept of happiness, in one of my own writings I wrote the line “Happiness if not the result of success, it is the fuel of success”, and I know that without first finding that place within you that is forever happy, any material success is very hollow. True happiness always comes from within and when it is found the path to success is an easy one. When the search for success is an external search for happiness, neither one is ever really found.
To build a life that has deep meaning and wonderful results, it is necessary to begin with right principles, the foundation upon which the decisions of your life are made. From these principles your values and beliefs will be molded into sound methods for the progression of desires and ambitions. Without such sound methods the path will become unclear and the destination – confusion and disillusionment.
Once the methods are clear and the destiny set the only thing to do is to take decisive and true actions to move your life forward inexorably towards the outcome of you dreams. There is no other way to get your desired results.
In creating happiness and a sense of goodness within it is important to keep in mind the principles you stand for in kindness to others and fairness within yourself. Therefore true speech and equal-mindedness, both for yourself and others will ultimately end in good results.
That is the basic premise of this book and one that will guide you and keep you on life’s journey.

Publisher’s preface
Editor’s preface
Right principles
Sound methods
True actions
True speech
Good results

As the world seems to change so much from year to year as people come and go in our lives and the things of a few years ago disappear so quickly. And yet, underneath it all people remain the same and the basic problems and desires continue from generation to generation. In this book Allen has laid down the foundations that result in a life worth living.

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