Meditations for Every Day in the Year

Releasing Your Inner Truth—Day by Day

366 Daily Meditations.
To change your life you must change your unconscious thinking, so that your automatic responses to the things that occur in your day-to-day life are positive and productive. But, unconscious thoughts by their nature are not easily controlled or changed without deep shifts in core beliefs and habits.
Out habits of thought are the things that lead us on an on-going basis to vote the same way, to enjoy the same entertainment, to work in the same industry. And, if we want to change any of those things we have to make a concerted effort. If we want to change career to a new industry then there is a period of study, of adjustment, of learning and practising in order to install the new skills and habits needed.
For some the change comes naturally and without effort, for others the change is a struggle, but in both cases skill improves with focused conditioning. A specialist in any profession becomes so through continued practice and training—time spent honing their skill and techniques.
The daily practice of focusing on a single factor, reflecting on a single subject and allowing the truth within to enter through relaxed meditation brings a level of inner peace and awareness that deeply enhances life. To continue this practice for an entire year results in a life changed and enhanced beyond anything ever experienced before.
In this book 366 thoughts have been isolated to allow you to focus on a single subject and to find the inner meaning that will take your life one step forward each day. Over the course of the year your awareness will grow and your joy in the subject will deepen.
Reading these texts each day, I have found that it is profoundly rewarding to simply read the text, slowly, in a quiet place and to then lay the book aside a allow the meaning in the words to permeate my consciousness, re-reading the text as many times as it takes to allow my mind to work through the meaning entirely.
As the days progress your life will become conditioned to think in a different way and your life will shift little-by-little every day, until you find it is completely transformed.

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  1. The Divine Companion by James Allen | Beautiful Jewels of Wisdom Says:

    […] Meditations for Every Day in the Year | Beautiful Jewels of Wisdom […]

  2. Ruth Says:

    I have read “As a Man Thinketh”!

    The beauty of the words is unbelievable. James Allen should be more famous.

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