The Divine Companion

Taking You through Life in Truth

Life is by its nature a journey with many twists and turns—a voyage of discovery, with few road signs and many hidden bends. In The Divine Companion is your guide in life, a council you can call on to steer you on your chosen path, leading you back to the thinking that bring clarity of thought and a view of Truth. In these pages you will find the wisdom of the life of James Allen, written bit by bit over his entire literary career, the insights and understanding are there whenever you need them.



Part I: The Divine Companion

    Truth as Awakener
    Truth as Consoler
    Truth as Redeemer
    Truth as Reconciler
    Truth as Protector

Part II: The Divine Dialogue

    Of Seeking and Finding
    Of Entering the Way
    Of Discipline and Purification
    Of Renunciation
    Of Purity of Heart
    Of Righteousness
    Of Knowledge of the Law

Part III: The Divine Messages

    The First Prophecy, called the Awakening
    The Second Prophecy, called the Messiah
    The Third prophecy, called the All – One
    The Fourth Prophecy, called Unrest
    The Fifth Prophecy, called Transition
    The Sixth Prophecy, called Peace
    The First Exhortation, concerning Purity
    The Second Exhortation, concerning Humility
    The Third Exhortation, concerning Love
    Instruction, concerning the Master
    Instruction, concerning the Law
    Instruction, concerning The Great Reality
    Discourse Concerning The Way of Truth
    1. Self – Restraint
    2. Self – Examination
    3. Self – Surrender

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