The Eight Pillars of Prosperity

The Eight Pillars of Prosperity by James Allen

The Eight Pillars of Prosperity by James Allen

Have you ever set a goal for prosperity, put in place a plan to make it happen and worked diligently on it to bring it to fruition only to have to best efforts come to nothing? Have you done it more than once?
When it comes to wealth there is one thing that only the truly enlightened teachers agree on – one thing that will completely determine the outcome of any great endeavour that will lead inexorably to a prosperous life. There are many books on prosperity and wealth creation, bedut few of them provide the complete story.
Money is above all else the result of energy flow, in fact some writers go as far as to say money is energy, either way, your energy is the key to your wealth. If your energy flow is blocked then your money flow will also be blocked.
James Allen writes: “Energy is one of the primary forces: without it nothing can be accomplished. It is the basic element in all forms of action. The entire universe is a manifestation of tireless, though inscrutable energy. Energy is, indeed, life, and without it there would be no universe, no life.”
I this book James Allen breaks down the creation of wealth into the 8 pillars, starting fundamentally with energy as the first pillar. Often other teachers leave the flow of energy until much later, but Allen has identified that in fact it is the essential element that must be put in place before anything else will work.
Then and only then does he move on to the rest of the stages.


– Preface
– Eight pillars
– First pillar – Energy
– Second pillar – Economy
– Third pillar – Integrity
– Fourth pillar – System
– Fifth pillar – Sympathy
– Sixth pillar – Sincerity
– Seventh pillar – Impartiality
– Eighth pillar – Self-reliance
– The temple of prosperity

Each of the 8 pillars is carefully crafted to provide you with a cohesive journey from where you are to where you want to be – to your temple of prosperity.

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