Mastery of Destiny

The Provigil pharmacy Science of Creating Your Perfect Life

The Mastery of Destiny is a seminal work from James Allen. Although not as poetic and well known as “As A Man Thinketh”, this book is by far the most insightful and to the point. What ever you are seeking in knowledge, understanding and results in your life this book provides the blueprint you need. As you read this book you will gain an awareness of your character, and how it relates to your destiny in life. From there the rest of the book will show you exactly how to ensure your destiny is exactly what you truly desire.


  • Deeds, Character, and Destiny
  • The Science of Self-Control
  • Cause and Effect in Human Conduct
  • Training of the Will
  • Thoroughness
  • Mind-Building and Life-Building
  • Cultivation of Concentration
  • Practice of Meditation
  • The Power of Purpose
  • The Joy of Accomplishment
  • A Note From The Publisher

Of all the books of James Allen’s I have read this is by far my favourite. The words touched my life in a highly personal and effective way. Though I believe they were so personal, not because my life is any different to yours, but because these core truths will deeply touch anyone.

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