Serenity – The Secret to happiness

Serenity by James Allen is an inspirational piece from the book “As A Man Thinketh” – The Secret to happiness

Serenity is one of the definitive pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of life. A life that does not enjoy a certain amount of serenity can never be truly complete, for a rounded life is one that is at peace in the heart.

To enjoy peace in your hart you need to be able to take yourself to a level of calm that many people never Buy Accutane know.

Serenity was written as the last chapter in the Book “As A Man Thinketh”, which is a masterpiece of the 20th century.  Written by James Allen in 1902, this book has inspired and guided countless millions of people across the globe in many languages. It has been translated into many languages and re-written as “As A Woman Thinketh” and “As A Person Thinketh”. It has also been the inspiration for countless other books over the last century, making it a milestone in personal development publishing.

Serenity is by far the most important chapter in the book, simply because without serenity it is very difficult to put the remainder of the advice to full use in your life.

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